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1. Visual Editor

We applied technology which lets you get around the bounds the other algorithmic trading systems usually have. In our visual editor you can create scripts of your own without using sophisticated programming languages. TSLab has designed special blocks for script constructing, which already contain a part of code in them. So instead of studying C# you just need to drag-n-drop the blocks and connect them together.


2. Risk Management Module

Our emotions often take us to making decisions we would have never done, if we stayed calm. Use Risk Management Module not to let them influence or even destroy your trading strategy! Pretrade Filters and Risk Management Module can let you restrict possible daily money loss or may stop placing orders in case of several consequent losing trades.


3. Built In Technical Indicators

There are hundreds of indicators used by the traders. Whatever you are using in your trading strategy – Bollinger Bands, MACD, SMA, any indicator can be controlled by TSLab. Set up the value you need and your orders will be executed exactly as you wish.


4. Advanced Chart Building

Customize the styles of your chart, apply indicators and select any time range. Use charts to see how your script works and analyze the results.


5. Test Your Strategies

Your broker can always provide you with historical data which you can easily use to refine your script. Select the time range, apply indicators and analyze the results.


6. Verify Your Script

You can use real time data to control your strategy. Apply current data and see what the results can look like without any loss of money.


7. Depth of Market

Have a look at the Depth of Market table to know not only the number of buy and sell offers involving the instrument, but their prices as well. The Depth of Market indicates the liquidity of the instrument.